The shape of sound is yet to come...without the blend of acoustic and synthesized signals it cannot be done! 

The AGRONOVA Sound and Music Project is a life-time experiment, including the masks of Bach, Joe Zawinul and a plethora of other world musicians as dominant creative forces.

I'm the piano player in Sweden who got hooked on the idea of the yet unheard set of sound and music. The current flooding of synthezised bleeps and beeps that wash out from radios and CDs, is - put in perspective - acting more like a tranquillizer than as an appetizer. The new music technology is still largerly untapped of its creative potential.

The Sound and Music Project strives to soulfully incorporate acoustic instruments with unique synthezised sounds. If you're the happy owner of the Yamaha VL-1 Physical modelling know what I mean. Is this jaZz? iS IT bECHSTEINED hIP-hOP? Or under which label is this Project taking place?

This is my envisioned version of bringing musical elements into the new millenium - that's the only restricting label being considered.

The AGRONOVA SOUND and MUSIC PROJECT is equipped with single and dual-cpu Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs including RME HDSP 9652 PCI, RME ADI-8 AE and MusicNet 24 bit A/D and D/A converters, SAW Studio, SAW Pro, Cubase SX 8, Logic Audio Windows Platinum 5.5.1, Sound Forge, high-end software plug-ins & synthezisers like Omnisphere v. 2, UVI Falcon, NI Kontakt 5, Galaxy Vintage D, U-he Zebra, etc.),the BECHSTEIN grand piano, Yamaha (VL1-m, FS1R, TG-77), Kurzweil (K2000VX-R, PC88), TC-Electronic M2000 effects, Sony DPS R7 reverberator, and an assortment of mics, and peripherals.

Audio snippets of music and sound production can be demoed from the audio link

Agronova, Ro 166, SE-870 15 Utansjo, SWEDEN
Office phone: +46 611 64045
Mobile: +46 (0)70 6986260